2016 collage



I’m a micro-budget director, producer and writer; a commercial content creator, a horror movie maker and a teller of fantastical stories.

I’ve been writing, directing and producing stories since I was in the 6th grade.  My first short, Good Wise Mischief, was about a pregnant teen named Mischief who becomes the queen of a fairy tale land after her parents kick her out of the house. I shot Good Wise Mischief in Boulder, Colorado on SVHS tape and edited it on something called a Video Toaster.

Films, movies, narrative moving pictures, whatever you want to call them, turn the already impressive power of story up to eleven, letting us dream stories together and giving us lenses through which we view and define reality. It’s an amazing medium for creating! It’s also the most complicated, risky, burnout-likely and expensive medium you can use to tell a story. And I can’t seem to resist it.


Featured Works Collage 2016pics from l to r: Blood Rites, Wake the Witch, On the Inside

BLOOD RITES – Watch it on Amazon Prime.

A giallo inspired siege film that my creative partner, Chad Haufschild, and I wrote after watching Lucio Fulci’s “Don’t Torture a Duckling”. Blood Rites follows a band of desperate criminals who take the members of strange cult hostage in an old warehouse. A mysterious black robed killer stalks both groups.

  • Trivia: The fetish brand “Girls and Corpses” released Blood Rites as their first “presented by” horror feature.

WAKE THE WITCH – Watch it on Amazon Prime.

Wake the Witch was my first feature and I still love watching it. Stefanie Tapio’s take on the last girl draws me in every time. And I like the bizarre transition from ghost story to disease horror to….well, you should watch it for yourself and find out. Plus the hater reviews we got for Wake the Witch were very creative.

  • Trivia: After Wake the Witch was released in Europe it was pirated and sold in Afghanistan markets catering to the U.S. Military. The pirated copy had great cover art but a homemade, hand titled burned DVD. Ironically, finding out about the pirating made me feel like a real filmmaker.

ON THE INSIDE – Watch it on Funny or Die.

This comedy/fantasy web series was written by Durnk Industries friend Mike Crawford. It’s a dual story line about a twenty something guy named Gil who meets Zoe, the girl of his dreams, just as Gil’s Brain goes on vacation, leaving the Appendix in charge of Gil’s body. Drama unfolds inside as it becomes apparent that the Appendix is stupid AF (but strangely likable) and the other body parts, the Penis in particular, have to step in to help. On the outside Gil has contend with his best friend and mortal enemy Corey, who is determined to keep Gil and and Zoe from hooking up.

  • Trivia:  The character of Gil’s Penis is played by a petite, twenty something actress. We wanted to do a second season that took place inside Zoe’s body and have a Vagina character who would be played by a broad shouldered, linebacker type actor. It never happened. But it still makes me laugh.